3 Unexpected Reasons Professional Hair & Makeup is Included in Your Boudoir Session

Wondering whether professional hair and makeup are essential for your upcoming boudoir session? Or perhaps you’re curious about the impact it can have on your experience. You’re not alone! At Go Boudoir by Michelle Wade Photography, we include expert hair and makeup for several crucial reasons:

1) Settling In with Style: Stepping into a boudoir shoot can be nerve-wracking. But having your hair and makeup professionally done not only offers you time to relax and be pampered, it’s also the perfect transition from regular day life into what I like to describe the journey into ultimate empowerment. Almost like an “unfolding” and it starts the moment you walk through my door and into your makeover experience.

2) Feeling Fabulous Inside and Out: Booking a boudoir session is a significant step, often accompanied by doubts and uncertainties. Working with my makeup artist isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling incredible. They won’t be giving you a “makeover” they will bring out your true self by enhancing and highlighting your most beautiful features. This is a chance to indulge in self-care and boost your confidence, which will shin in your images. Our beauty team, Jenn, Mia, or Rena, specialize in boudoir beauty and perfectly match Michelle’s style, ensuring that your look complements the overall aesthetic of your photoshoot.

3) Connecting with Confidence: Boudoir photography requires trust and connection between you and the photographer. By including professional hair and makeup, we create a space for genuine connection and conversation. We’ll have time to chat, ensuring you feel comfortable and prepared for the shoot. Plus, It’s way more convenient to have your makeover done in the studio. Who wants to get prepped at another location or salon and then have to drive for your boudoir shoot?

In summary, professional makeup and Hair styling are essential parts of the boudoir experience at the studio. So, if you’re ready to feel confident, pampered, and empowered during your session, rest assured that expert hair and makeup styling is included in every photo shoot.

Stephanie’s eyes sparkled with confidence in every bridal boudoir image, thanks to the harmonious blend of complementary colors and the added allure of full-length lashes. This attention to detail ensured that her beauty radiated throughout every frame, capturing the essence of her inner goddess.

Lead Makeup Artist